Regions Bank Client Review

Regions Banks Client Review

Regions Bank

Regions Bank is the 22nd largest bank in the United States of America and it’s headquarters in Birmingham Alabama. Regions Banks operates over 1700 branch locations through the south,Midwest & Texas area and manages about   132 billion dollars worth of total assets.


Interesting Facts

  • Employ over 27,000 employees

  • Was Founded in 1971

  • is the 10 largest US based bank

Personal Checking Accounts

Regions Life Green Checking account: This account offered by regions bank is one of the more basic accounts for clients newer to banking, The account gives customer access to online banking, Regions Visa debt card & bill pay.

Requirement: Client must maintain a daily balance of 1500$ a day or 500$ direct deposit.

Fee: 8.00

Regions Life Green Eaccess account: gives clients the freedom of no balance requirements with all the same features of the Green life checking account but allows clients to waive the fee by simply swiping their Regions Visa debt card 10 times a month.


The Regions Preferred Checking account: Is for the clients that maintain a higher dollar relationship with the bank, giving them exclusive offers such as bonus interest earning on clients accounts, discounts on line and loans & free standard checks.

Requirement: Client must maintain a daily balance of 5000$ cash or client must have a combined balance in all Regions accounts totaling 25,000 or more.

Fee: 18.00

Business Banking

Regions LifeGreen Simple Checking account: Perfect for new business owners for keeps expenses low and banking service charges at a minimum.


  • 75 transactions per month

  • 2500$ depositing cash

  • Regions Business Debt Card

  • Online Services

Regions Advantage Business Checking Account: Gives there clients with a business account a lot more flexibility when it comes to managing there finances and handling the daily deposits.


  • Allows up to 500 transactions a month

  • 10,000$ in cash deposit processing

  • Debt Card

  • Online Services

Credit Cards 

Regions College Credit card

Regions Platinum Credit CardReview it!

Regions Student Credit CardReview It!

Regions  Visa Signature CardReview It!