How To Apply For a Tax Identification Number In Alabama

How To Establish a Business in The State of Alabamatax id

Alabama business tax idEstablishing a business in the State of Alabama requires , new business owners take two steps in operating a business within the state. The first step is applying & obtaining your business tax id / employer identification number. The next step is to register your business/ establishment with the state of Alabama, so that your business is legally listed with the state.

Applying for a business tax id

getting a business tax id in the state of Alabama can be done multiple ways, the first and most common way is by going to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) website and downloading the ss-4 application form.

What is a SS-4 Form?

A SS-4 form is an application that business owners,church’s,estates and trust use when trying to apply for a tax id number.You need it if you pay a number of taxes, including sales tax, consumers use tax, utility excise tax and rental tax. If you are not sure whether you need an Alabama tax I.D., talk to your tax expert.businesses in Alabama

Once your application is complete you will then need to mail it directly to the IRS or fax it. The IRS will then process your application and will send your tax id in 2-3 weeks.

Using a filing Service to obtain your tax id number

If you are a business owner and you don’t want to wait to receive your tax id, then you are able to obtain your tax id by using a filing service, this can be a great benefit because you have a group of experts working directly with the IRS on your behalf, which will remove any stress from you having to do any additional paperwork and often times can guarantee you get your tax id faster.

Obtain You Business tax id number tax id number

Registering your Business with the State of Alabama

This process is a very simple one, you will need to go to which is the offical website for the state of Alabama were you can register you business online, you can also apply for any type of business permits or license that you may need to operate.