Small Business Tax ID Number(EIN) in Tennessee

How To Establish a New Business in Tennessee

Starting a new business in  Tennessee is no different than establishing a business in any other state, The process can be a bit confusing when looking for all the proper registrations forms, business permits and filing for a tax id, with this article we are here to simplify this process for you, for establishing a business in Tennessee.Tennessee business

Filing For a Business Tax ID

Getting your business Tax Id (Employer Identification Number) is on of the first steps that any business owner will need to take in order to have your business legal registered with the IRS, for tax reporting purposes.


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How to get a Tax id Number

You can apply for a tax identification number/ EIN in two different ways depending on how comfortable you are with working with the IRS and complementing legal documentation or if you prefer to uses a tax id application filing service to have this processed taken care of.

  • Visit the IRS website and download the IRS SS-4 Application form and complete the form to it’s entirety , this process at times can take up to 2-4 weeks for the IRS to complete your request and send your business tax id number.

  • The alternative method is by using a Tax id application filing service which works directly with the IRS to obtain your ein directly from the Internal Revenue Services, this process can take up to two days or less.

Get Your Tax id Number Now!

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Getting Your Business Licensing

Tennessee does require certain professions be licensed by the state, including accountants, barbers, land surveyors, and real estate agents among others. This occupational licensing is done by regulatory boards within the Department of Commerce. If your profession falls under the overview of one of the state regulatory boards, then you must complete all licensing and certification requirements prior to opening your business. There are some exception to these rules that may not require your business to have permits are ein

For more information please visit:  Tennessee Clerk of the courts @

Registering your Business with The State of Tennessee 

You will also need to register you business name with the State of Tennessee, This way your business will be viewed and treated as a legal business entity within the state that is legal authorized to conduct business. 

For registration visit: