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How to get a Employer identification number in North Carolina

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Get a federal employer identification number (EIN). Before applying for a North Carolina state tax ID number, your business is required by state law to obtain a employer identification number.north Carolina tax d

Establishing Your New Business in North Carolina

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Filing for your Ein in the state of North Carolina is not as hard as you might think it is, just by following these 3 simple steps you can obtain you business tax id number and start working on the next phase of operating your business in North Carolina.

Step one:

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First you will need to register the name of your business with the North Carolina Department of Revenue, the reason for this is to ensure that your business is legally being recognized as a legitimate business in the state.
to register you business please visit :


You will Need to get a business employer identification number, so you can accurately report any income earning or looses for your business without getting them mixed up with your personal finance. There are multiple ways you can get you Business Ein from the Irs, one way is by going directly to the IRS website and downloading the Ss-4 Tax Form and mailing it directly to them, the other option is by completing the Ein application directly through the Internal revenue services website this process is free and only takes a few minutes. The next option is by requesting it through a 3rd party this was can be beneficial because you will have a professional ensuring that the process has been done correctly and there will be no delay in receiving you tax id.

Ein in North Carolina

The final step after you have obtain you employer identification number you are now able to go the bank and set up your new business account and start focusing on growing your business.

North Carolina Tax Id Apply Now!

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Additional Information on North Carolina Licensing and tax permits

Make sure you know all the tax accounts, licenses, and permits required for your business. For all the details, see the North Carolina Department of Commerce directory at
Visit North Carolina Department of Revenue