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How To Establish a Business in Ohio

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One of the first steps you should take when applying for a business tax identification number in the state of Ohio is to register the business name with the secretary of state of Ohio to ensure that your business is considered to be a legally operating business in Ohio.

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The next step you would need to take is to apply for a business tax identification number from the IRS, this way you can report your yearly income or losses to the United States government and not run the risk of being audit or being penalized by the IRS for not properly reporting your business income. This process is very simple and there are three ways to do it.

How To Get a Tax Id in Ohio

Options 1:

you can apply for you tax id at the IRS.gov website this process is not a hard one if you are knowledgeable about computers and can comprehend the legal messages on the website and the technical terms being used.

Option 2:

You can also obtain your business tax id (Ein) by downloading from the IRS website the tax ss-4 form and mailing  the documentation in, this process can be a bit time consuming and if any of the documentation is filled out incorrectly, you run the risk of not being able to get you tax id number.

option 3:

The last option you can take is hiring a 3rd party to complete this task for you,  the reason why this can be a great benefit for you is being able to have your tax id application completed correctly with a lower risk of any mistakes being made and a guarantee that you tax id will be delivered. 

Apply For Your Ohio Tax id Number Now!

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Getting Proper Permits if required

After you Obtain you Business tax id you are not able to do business legally in the State of Ohio and can now go to your local banking/credit union and open up a business account in your company name.ohio tax id

License & Permits.

If you are a business that will be selling & purchasing wholesale goods or services then you will need to also look in taking an additional step and getting the proper permits so you can sell certain goods that the state of Ohio approves. (Visit business.Ohio.gov)