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Applying for a tax identification number in Texas is no different then obtaining your Tax id in any other state,the only major differences is the process that can be taken with getting your EIN and establishing your business in the state of Texas.texas tax id number

One  of the first steps you need to take is deciding what type of business structure your are going to be establishing; Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Church,Trust or other. Once you have chosen the type of business structure that is best for your business, then you want to move on to the next step.

Naming the Business.

remember when naming your business this is going to be how customer identify you and your brand so it is very important that you take you time in deciding what your business name will be, because this will be your identity from now on.apply for ein

Getting Sales Tax Permits

Yes, you will also need to register you business with the state of Texas if you are planing to sell specific products & goods that will require you to collect sales taxes for Uncle Sam.  http://comptroller.texas.gov/taxpermit/

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Applying For Your Tax Id For Texas

You can apply for your tax id number a few different ways when you are looking to start your business. The first way is by going to the IRS website and either printing a ss-4 tax form and mailing directly to the IRS, this process can take up to 14 business days and if anything is filled out incorrectly you risk your tax id being delayed. The other way is by going to The IRS website and completing their online form, this at times is much quicker but for people not that computer savvy can be a big headache. The other method is by simply filling out our EIN Application Form and letting our professionals take care of it. The benefit about using our tax services is that you are guaranteed your tax id in less than 24 hours or its free and the service only cost 49.99.

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