What Is An Employer Identification Number

What is a EIN/ TAX ID?


A Ein and a Tax ID are often times thought of as different items most people don’t realize that they are both the same thing. Ein and Tax ID go by multiple names, the most common names we know of are; Employer identification number,Tax Identification number. What ever it is that you know about them the reason why there are so important is because this is how your business will be recognized by the IRS for tax purposes. Employer identification number(EIN) are important because with out having a valid identifying number you can not be in business legally.

Can I Cancel My EIN/ TAX ID?personal finance news

Once a Employer identification number (Tax ID) is created you can not cancel it, even if the business is closed or the company is going out of business. If the company is being purchased by another entity the employer identification number will just be  inactive.

 Getting EIN/TAX ID?


the IRS issues EINs for companies online, and by phone, fax or mail. EINs can be obtained immediately from the IRS, free, online. IRS SS-4 forms can also be faxed to the IRS to receive EINs within approximately four business days. The IRS immediately assigns EINs over the phone after applicants provide all necessary information to an authorized agent. EIN numbers are generally issued approximately four weeks after SS-4 forms are mailed to the IRS. Official online services, phone and fax numbers and mailing addresses are available at IRS.com

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