Establishing Non Profit in 7 Steps

How Do I Establish an Non Profit Organization?

Establishing a Non- Profit is not as complicated as you might think, and with these easy 4 steps you will be sure to have your Non-profit organization up and running in no time.

Non Profit in 7 easy steps

Choose what your business name will be

Establish your articles of incorporation, (article of incorporation are legal documents set by a corporation that is set by the laws of that state. You can file for your articles of incorporation at the state you live in Secretary of State’s website.non profit

Apply for federal and state tax exemption status which will prevent your company from having to pay specific taxes to local and federal government.

Create Nonprofit Bylaws – this will indicate who is in charge of what and how a company is to be run. Appoint a Board of directors- the Board of director’s role is to ensure that the bylaws of the organization are being upheld and all gains are accounted for.

Apply for your Nonprofit EIN 

Lastly apply for any permits or licensing that your company will need to operate within you state.

Now you are ready to get your Non Profit going!

Following these steps will definitely make your life a lot easier when getting you Nonprofit going in the right direction and also doing this will also ensure that the IRS will approve your request for Tax Exemption status when you receive your determination letter in the mail.